School of Basic Medical Sciences
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        The predecessor of School of Basic Medical Sciences was the Department of Medicine and the Department of Basic Medicine; it was first established in 1952. In 1996, it changed its name into School of Basic Medical Sciences after merging with the Department of Clinical Medicine of the former Second Medical College. Currently, there are 20 Teaching and Research Sections, 2 key laboratories, 1 research centre of life science and 1 teaching experiment centre. This school now has a batch of high-level talents including the specially appointed professors by Tianjin Municipal Government, the specially appointed professors of the “211 project”, professional lecturers, “young and middle-aged outstanding experts” appointed by the Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of Health, national scholars of “the Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project in the new century”, scholars of “the New Century Outstanding Talent Project” appointed by the Ministry of Education, experts of State Council special allowance and the first-tier experts of the Tianjin “131 project”, et al.
        School of Basic Medical Sciences is currently the first level discipline doctoral degree authorizing unit of basic medicine, and the research station for the post-doctors of basic medicine. It is also the master’s degree authorizing unit for 8 disciplines including psychiatry and mental health. Overall, there are 14 PhD supervisors and 40 master’s degree supervisors.
        Currently the school has 2 key disciplines of the “211 project” (pathogen biology & immunology, pathology & pathophysiology), 2 key disciplines of Tianjin “11th five year” comprehensive investment project (pathogen biology & immunology, pathology & pathophysiology), 1 Tianjin most important discipline (immunology), 2 university-level key disciplines (anthropotomy & histoembryology, biochemistry & physiology). It also has the key laboratory of “immunology micro-environment and diseases” jointly established at the provincial and ministerial level, and Tianjin key laboratory of “Cellular and Molecular Immunology”.
        During the “11th Five Year” period, this school has undertaken 1 sub-project of “973” research project, 3 “863” research projects, 9 international cooperation projects, 25 national level research projects, and 43 provincial and ministerial level research projects. It has won 1 first prize and 1 second prize, plus 6 third prizes of Tianjin Science and Technology Achievement Award. This school has a close collaborative relationship on scientific research and jointly trains young teachers and master’s students with more than 10 internationally renowned universities, including American Michigan University, Pittsburgh University, Georgia University, Canadian Toronto University, Manitoba University, Finnish Tampere University and Swedish Karolinska Royal Medical College, etc.
        Every year, this school undertakes the teaching task of 42 compulsory courses for the undergraduate students, 22 elective courses and 17 public optional courses for the whole university. Medical microbiology is a national-level quality course; pharmacology, medical microbiology and pathophysiology are national-level bilingual demonstrative courses; Anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, human parasitology, immunology, pathophysiology and cytobiology are the brand courses in Tianjin. The basic medical experiment teaching centre has become the national-level teaching experiment demonstration centre and construction unit.
        After several decades of endeavor, School of Basic Medical Sciences has become a plateau for scientific research and the training base for high-level medical talents, which can undertake national-level research projects, international collaboration projects, has close relationship with different institutes from home and abroad and combines teaching with research.