School of Public Health
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        School of Public Health was established in 1979. Professor Guanyi Geng, a famous expert of epidemiology, was its first dean of Public Health School. Currently Professor Guowei Huang, Ph.D supervisor, is acting as the dean of school. In this school, there are 9 Teaching and Research Sections, 2 Research Laboratories and 1 Teaching Experiment Centre. The school has 4 clinical teaching hospitals and 7 Specialized Practice bases for student to have practice. Presently there are altogether 72 staff, among whom are 13 professors, 17 associate professors with 9 supervisors of PhD students, and 24 supervisors of Master's students.
        The school has 2 specialties for undergraduate students (preventive medicine and health & hospital administration—under the direction of health industry management), and a second degree program (health industry management) plus a subsidiary course (clinical nutrition) which are also provided for undergraduates. This school currently has public health and preventive medicine with the first level discipline PhD degree authorizing unit and a first level discipline Master’s degree authorizing unit. Meanwhile it has Health Industry Management and Public Health (MPH) with Master’s degree authorizing unit.
        Public health and preventive medicine are also the key disciplines of the national “211 Project” and Tianjin key subjects. In 2007, Professor Jianhua Wang was named as a national level distinguished teacher. His team won the title of national teaching team of preventive medicine in 2008 and won the title of national experiment teaching demonstration centre for preventive medicine in 2009. Currently the school has 1 nationally recognized brand course (epidemiology), 3 Tianjin brand courses (nutrition & food hygiene, hygiene of children and adolescents and health statistics). “The topic of Reform on the Teaching Content of Preventive Medicine for Non-Preventive Medicine Major and its Base Establishment” has won the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award for higher education. The school has compiled the textbook of epidemiology from the first to the eighth edition, which is the national standard textbook used by the students of clinical medicine. In addition, the school has also compiled 6 other textbooks on preventive medicine.
        In the past 5 years, it has hosted 12 research projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 international cooperation projects, 6 key projects supported by Tianjin Scientific and Technological Commission, 4 projects funded by Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin, etc. It has also published more than 40 academic papers which have been included in SCI. This school has established co-operative relationship with 7 foreign universities, carrying out the exchange visits of teachers and the deans, jointly training master’s students and jointly applying for research funds etc.