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        The predecessor of School of Pharmacy was the Tianjin Public Pharmaceutical Training Institute, which was established in 1949. It has experienced different stages being the Tianjin pharmaceutical school, the pharmacy department of Tianjin Health School, the pharmacy department of Tianjin Medical Higher Junior College, and the pharmacy department of Tianjin Second Medical College. In November 1996, it changed its name into Tianjin Medical University School of Pharmacy after the Tianjin Medical College and the Tianjin Second Medical College merged into Tianjin Medical University. It is one of the earliest established departments of education concerning modern pharmacy and advanced pharmacy.
        For many years, the school has stuck to the principle of focusing on teaching, with the strategic objective of developing an innovative country, and has regarded improving educational quality as the lifeline for cultivating talent, and has fully implemented a training plan for innovative talent of the “211 project”. They follow the student-oriented guideline, and the undergraduate training policy of “strengthening the basics, emphasizing the practice, paying attention to quality and encouraging innovation” plus the graduate educational idea of “widening basics, aiming for frontiers, constructing teams and independently innovating”. Based on quality education, they strive to cultivate high-level talents with the quality of leading and innovation in the field of economics, science and technology, and social development nationally and locally, which has gradually become one of our educational characteristics. The Pharmacy major has been considered a unique, first-class specialty by the Ministry of Education; the major of pharmaceutical preparation has been listed as a high quality specialty in the Tianjin regular universities. The “experimental center of pharmacy” has won the title of “excellent teaching lab of Tianjin”, it has also been listed as the distinctive discipline lab project jointly developed by the central and local governments. In order to speed up the development of pharmacy education, our university appointed Dr. Zhimin Yang, a tenured professor of American Michigan University as the dean of the school, as well as the discipline leader of pharmacy of “211 project” key development project. Professor Zhimin Yang is the first person of high-level talent brought in from overseas by a university directly under the Tianjin municipal government, and who is a tenured professor of a famous overseas university.
        As the cradle for cultivating pharmaceutical talent for over half a century, it has cultivated a large number of excellent personnel who are the backbone of society and local economies. Currently in the discipline of pharmacy, it is authorized to confer PhD degree and Master’s degree in pharmacy of the first class discipline. It has two majors for undergraduates, one is pharmacy, and the other is pharmaceutical preparation. Every year, 120 undergraduate students are recruited.
        Our previous graduates are very popular and well received, which attributes to the fact that this school has a strong teaching team comprised of knowledgeable experts who are noted for their meticulous work. The school currently employs 70 teachers, among whom 17 are professors, 14 are associate professors with 8 supervisors of PhD students, and 16 supervisors of master's students. The proportion of teachers with PhD degrees among all the teachers in this teaching team is 60%. The school has formed a team consisting of excellent talents, represented by Yangtze scholar specially appointed professors by the Ministry of Education, National Excellent Teachers, Excellent Talents of the New Century of the Ministry of Education, Young and Middle Aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Tianjin.
        The school currently has a Chinese medicine analysis laboratory and a Chinese medicine chemical laboratory, which are both national level laboratories confirmed by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine; it also has the training base for clinical pharmacist of Tianjin, and more than 20 practice bases including Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, Beijing Union Hospital, 301 Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, Cancer Hospital, the First Center Hospital, etc; it has established an academic exchange relationship and undertaken joint research projects with many pharmaceutical schools or research institutions from countries like America, Canada, Japan, Germany, France and Sweden. The school has achieved obvious achievements in strengthening discipline construction, personnel construction and scientific achievement conversion, combining the strategy of linking teaching, research and product development in recent years. It currently undertakes 6 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 key projects of the Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin and 20 projects of the provincial and ministerial level. The school has received 5 scientific research awards above the provincial and ministerial level, 2 teaching success awards, 4 new drugs certificates and 10 national patents for inventions in the past 3 years. It has published more than 200 academic theses included in SCI and other core journals. In 2010, the undergraduate students of this school won the first prize at “the first Tianjin Independent Innovation Forum of University Students Majoring in Pharmacy” which all the pharmacy schools in Tianjin are involved in.
        The school aims to look into the future and follow the spirit of “Pursuing Virtuous Character and Medical Excellence through Eminent Knowledge and Expert Practice” of Tianjin Medical University, while sticking to the fine tradition of teaching and educating to strengthen personnel and discipline construction in a bid to continuously cultivate high level talents specializing in pharmacy with unique characteristics for society.