The First Clinical Medical School
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        The First Clinical Medical School of Tianjin Medical University (the General Hospital) was founded in 1946. It is a comprehensive university hospital, encompassing medical treatment, teaching, research, and prevention. It is the biggest hospital in Tianjin. It is also a Level 3, Grade A hospital, and one of the national “a hundred good hospitals”. it acts as the Western Medical Center of Tianjin and the clinical medicine specialty is a unique program of the Ministry of Education.
        Since this institution was founded, a number of famous medical experts have been working at it, including Xianyi Zhu, Yicheng Zhao, Yingkai Wu, Aifeng Yu, Songting Yu, Zhongcheng Wang, Tianhui Zhang, Xianzhong Wu, Enhui Wu et al. Professor Xianyi Zhu, a famous endocrinologist was the president of Tianjin Medical College and also the president of the General Hospital. Professor Yicheng Zhao was the founder of neurosurgery in our country. Professor Enhui Wu is the author of the book entitled Skull CT diagnostics, which is the first book published in China. Professor Desheng Zhu is the author of the first book entitled Dermatology; Professor Xianzhong Wu is the first expert who initiated the treatment of acute abdominal diseases by means of Chinese and Western Medicine Integration; Professor Xianyi Zhu was the first expert who entered the medical field of prevention and treatment of local goiters. 50 medical books have been compiled, among them, 4 are awarded the excellent textbooks by the Ministry of Health, 3 books got the first prize and 1 book got the second prize.
        The hospital currently has a construction area of 250,000 square meters with 33 clinical sections, 11 medical and technicalsections, 17 teaching and research sections and 7 clinical research centers. It has 3 national-level key disciplines, 4 “211 Project” key construction disciplines, and 8 national clinical key discipline.
        During the “11th Five Year Plan”, it received 48 awards for Progress in Science and Technology in Tianjin, and published 2850 academic theses in a medical core journal. There are 175 theses included in SCI as the first completion unit, among which 81 theses were included in SCI in 2010 alone. In the past 3 years, it obtained more than 70 national-level scientific research projects with more than 20 million RMB as its research funds per annum.
        There are 2 post-doctor research stations, 29 PhD degree authorizing units and 30 Master’s degree authorizing units. The hospital has one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 64 supervisors of PhD students, and 194 supervisors of Master's students. Altogether there are 1928 patient beds in the hospital with excellent teaching facilities and medical simulation center.