The Second Clinical Medical School
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        Tianjin Medical University Second Hospital was founded in 1972, it is a modern comprehensive university hospital combining medicine, teaching, research, and prevention.
        The hospital has a full array of disciplines and departments. The disciplines of urological surgery and cardiology are national key disciplines, Tianjin key disciplines, and key disciplines of the Tianjin health system. The hospital has established specialized scientific research institutes, which are Tianjin Institute of Urology, Tianjin Institute of Cardiology, Tianjin Institute of Orbital Disease and Tianjin Institute of Infectious Diseases. In addition, there are treatment centers covering blood purification, extracorporeal shock-wave lithotomy and gamma knife.
        In recent years, the hospital obtained funds for 140 projects at all levels, reaching 14.31 million RMB. They have completed 41 assessments of scientific research, among which 3 are leading in the world, 19 are internationally advanced, 18 are leading in the country, and 1 is domestically advanced. Besides, the hospital has received 27 science and technology awards, including 2 second prizes of the National Science and Technology Progress Awards, 9 second prizes and 5 third prizes of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Awards, 2 first prizes and 5 second prizes of the Medical University Science and Technology Progress Awards, 1 first prize and 1 second prize of the Medical University Teaching Achievement Awards. It takes a leading role among all the comprehensive hospitals in Tianjin.
        Currently the hospital has 14 teaching and research sections with 396 full-time teachers, amomng whom 241 have master’s degrees, 262 have senior professional titles. There are 9 disciplines for PhD students with 21 supervisors and there are 22 disciplines for Master’s students with 47 supervisors. The hospital has also a clinical medical post-doctor scientific research station and one corporate post-doctor scientific research work station. Currently the teaching tasks undertaken at the hospital include teaching and clinical practice and internship for multi-majors of students at different levels of Tianjin Medical University, such as students of clinical medicine,  five-year anesthesiology; seven-year basic medicine and seven-year stomatology, as well as international students doing internship. The hospital also take the tasks of cultivating Master’s and PhD students. On average, there are 850 students at the hospital for practice and internship every year, with an average teaching hours of nearly 2000 per teacher per annum. 
        The hospital has formed its unique characteristics and advantages in standardizing managerial system of clinical teaching, diversifying the developing method of strengthening teaching team and its way of teaching, humanizing the comprehensive education for all-round development of the students and management of the students. A simulation experiment center worth nearly 10 million RMB with an area of 600 square meters is being constructed. During the first Tianjin Medical University clinical skills competition for students of clinical medicine, the contestants from the Second Hospital have achieved excellent  results. During the national entrance exam for Master’s study for the year 2011, the success rate for the Second Hospital reaches 51.4%.