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        The Department of Medical Laboratory, which is the predecessor of School of Medical Laboratory of Tianjin Medical University, was established in 1984 upon approval by the former State Education Commission, which is one of the first established a medical laboratory program among 6 medical universities in China. The first batch of undergraduates were recruited in 1984. It was approved to be a Master’s degree authorizing unit for “Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics” in 1998 and got authorization to confer PhD degrees in 2006. In 2010, it changed its name to Medical Laboratory School of Tianjin Medical University.
        The school has 4 main teaching and research sections including clinical biochemistry, clinical laboratory test and hematology, etc, and has also molecular diagnosis laboratory, medical laboratory center, experiment center and Tianjin institute of medical laboratory technology. Meanwhile more than 20 practice bases including Tianjin Medical University General Hospital have been established. Currently the school has 8 professors and 13 associate professors, of whom the ones under 45 years age all hold doctorate or master's degrees. There are experts with allowance from the State Council and Tianjin Municipal Government, national-level persons selected for the “Hundred Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project”, distinguished teachers in Tianjin, a standing director of the International Mycoplasmology Society and academic committee members et al.
        In recent years, it has undertaken 15 national, provincial or ministerial level projects including “973”, “863” and “natural foundation”, among which there are 4 national projects. The total research fund exceeds 11 million Yuan. It has applied for 7 invention patents and published 350 academic theses, out of which 36 theses were included in SCI. It has also received 7 provincial and ministerial awards for scientific research and 4 awards for teaching achievement.
        During the period of “11th five year plan”, the “Quality Project” construction made breakthrough progress, and the medical laboratory program became a national high quality specialty. Its “clinical microbiology and laboratory science” is a national top-quality course. There are 2 top-quality courses at Tianjin municipal level. Up till now, the goal has been accomplished that all the main courses in the medical laboratory program are top-quality courses. It has compiled 41 national planned textbooks, co-compiled and self-compiled textbooks, among which we are the main compiler or sub-compiler of 11 textbooks. 6 textbooks were listed as national planned textbooks for regular higher education in the “11th five year plan”.
        Up until now, School of Medical Laboratory has educated 1554 undergraduates and more than 150 Master’s students. Currently there are 440 full-time undergraduates at school, and 59 PhD and Master’s students. Our graduates are spread out all over China, and well accepted by their employers and the employment rate remains relatively high.
        We aim to look into the future and follow the spirit of “Pursuing Virtuous Character and Medical Excellence through Eminent Knowledge and Expert Practice” of Tianjin Medical University, and “Innovation on laboratory education to train talents with characteristics”, to cultivate high-quality professionals with “high moral standards and expert medical capacity”.