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        The Library of Tianjin Medical University covers an area of 12,200 square meters with about 2000 reading seats. With biology and medicine and hygiene being the principal component, it has a collection of 1,226,600 books, more than 2000 magazines in multiple languages, 21.9T digital resources and 11.7T e-books. Our library offers good reading conditions to our readers in quiet, cozy and bright reading rooms.
        In 2011, the Ministry of Education set up a science & technology retrieval work station in our library. It was the only medical retrieval work station at the ministerial level among universities in Tianjin.
        Our library now has an Acquisitions & Cataloguing Department, a Circulation Department, a Newspaper and Periodical Reading Department, an Information & Network Department, a Science & Technology Retrieval Work Station, a Reference Department, a Medical Photography Department and an Audiovisual Center.
        The main services our library provides are: book lending services, retrieval services, CD searching services, database query services, Webpage browsing services, document delivery services, interlibrary loan services, photocopy services etc. Meanwhile, our library also undertakes the task of teaching a Medical Literature Retrieval course and conducting readers’ training regularly. 
        The coordination of the university library’s literature resources and those in libraries of its affiliated hospitals set up a medicine and health literature guarantee system available for medical, teaching and research demand in our campus. In addition, our library is ready to expand its service area and improve its service means and quality according to readers’ requirements.