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        Cancer Hospital (Tianjin Medical University affiliated Cancer Hospital) is the birthplace of oncology in our country and is one of the biggest cancer prevention and treatment research base in China. It is a large Level 3, Grade A, specialized cancer hospital combining treatment, teaching, research and prevention. The president is Dr. Ping Wang.
        Tianjin Cancer Institute, the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Tianjin Anti-Cancer Association as well as the core journal entitled Chinese Clinical Oncology are also attached to Tianjin MedicalUniversity Cancer Hospital. The hospital has 62,570 square meters of land, with a building area of more than 100,000 square meters and 1452 beds. The average annual outpatient visits reach 450,000, with 16,000 cases of surgeries. Currently it is home to 30 items of modern medical equipment worth more than one million RMB each, with permanent assets worth more than 400 million RMB. The “complex building for cancer prevention and treatment research” is expected to be completed this June. At that time, the hospital’s total building area will reach 180,000 square meters, with 2300 beds. It will be built into the biggest research base for cancer prevention and treatment in Asia, which will combine oncology basic research, clinical diagnosis and treatment, in addition to cultivating high-level oncology professionals.
        Currently there is 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 specially appointed professors and 1 visiting professor of the national Yangtze Scholar Awarding Plan, 1 of the “Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents of the New Century”, 4 New Century Talents of Ministry of Education, 3 specially appointed professors of Tianjin, 2 specially appointed visiting professors of Tianjin, 27 PhD supervisors, and 73 Master’s student supervisors at the hospital. There are 5 teaching and research sections including tumor surgery, internal medicine of oncology, basic oncology, oncology imaging and cancer pathology, which collectively undertake the teaching task of oncology. So far, the hospital has cultivated 125 PhD students, 397 Master’s students, 315 undergraduate students and 500 international students.
        The hospital’s oncology is a key discipline of national level, a “211 project” key construction subject, a PhD degree authorizing unit, a post-doctor research station, a key laboratory of breast cancer prevention and cure appointed by the national Ministry of Education. The team who did research on “the occurrence, spreading mechanism, prevention and cure of female breast cancer in China” was selected to be the innovative team of the Ministry of Education in 2007. Epidemiology and health statistics are key disciplines of Tianjin, “211 project” key construction subjects. The team which did research on “prevention against common malignant cancer” was selected to be the innovative team of the Ministry of Education in 2011. Since the “11th Five Year Plan”, the hospital has undertaken 132 research projects of provincial and ministerial levels or above, among those, 63 projects of national level (53 National Natural Sciences Fund, one “863 Important Project”, one “863 Key Project”, one “863 Featured Project”, one “973 Plan Chief Project”, two “973 Plan Subsidiary Project”, one “973 First-phase Research Special Program”, one “Important Special Program of New Drug Creation of Department of Science and Technology”, two “Subsidiary Project of the Important Special Program of the Important New Drug Creation”), and 69 research programs of provincial and ministerial levels. The hospital has received 25 awards for scientific research above the provincial and ministerial levels, including 1 second prize for “National Science and Technology Progress”; 2 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 14 third prizes of the provincial and ministerial levels. It has applied for 33 patent items, and received 7 patent rights, while publishing 27 academic monographs or translation works on oncology, as well as 1391 academic theses, out of which 264 theses have been included in SCI, 389 theses have been included by “Chinese Journal”, 738 theses have been included by the core journal.
        This hospital has established sister relationships with MD. Anderson Cancer Center, Moffitt Cancer Center in USA, South Korean Cancer Center, and Japanese Aizawa Hospital. It also co-founded a tumor tissue and blood specimen bank and the international collaboration base in China with American Cancer Research Foundation. Furthermore, “Tianjin Medical University-Johnson In-vitro Pharmacology Joint Laboratory” was jointly established with American Johnson & Johnson Company. In addition, the hospital has developed extensive collaboration with Yale University, Vanderbilt University in USA, and Takara Biotechnology Company in Japan, etc.
        Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital will be made into a cradle for cultivating medical talents, supported by the complete subject system, ample research funds, high-level teaching capability, world leading laboratories, first class equipment and facilities, together with frequent academic exchange plus advanced managerial concepts.