Dental School of Tianjin Medical University
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        The Dental School of Tianjin Medical University, founded in 1974, is the first institution of higher learning to cultivate specialized personnel of dentistry in Tianjin and the Dental Hospital was established in 1988. It is a Level 3, Grade A specialized hospital. The Dental School and the Dental Hospital are a combined system of school and hospital, which encompasses medical treatment, teaching, research and prevention. It is a key dentistry of higher medical education in China, with a construction area of more than 10,000 square meters and 240 staff, including 49 with senior professional titles and 23 supervisors for doctoral and Master’s degree students. The school has advanced medical, teaching and research facilities. Following the university motto of “Pursuing Virtuous Character and Medical Excellence through Eminent Knowledge and Expert Practice” and under the teaching principle characterized by "emphasizing on high English applied proficiency and strong clinical practice capability”, the school has cultivated a large number of qualified medical personnel of dentistry for our country. Through continuous construction and development for many years, the major of dental medicine has become a brand specialty of Tianjin as well as a key discipline of Tianjin Medical University while the clinical dental medicine is a key development discipline of Tianjin.
        Since 1974, the Dental School of Tianjin Medical University started to recruit undergraduate students and began to admit undergraduates of 7-year program in 2002. There are 7 teaching and research sections, 1 central laboratory with 7 sub-laboratories and 3 teaching clinics. Every year undergraduates of 5 and 7-year dental program are enrolled from all over the country and abroad. Our oral anatomicophysiology and prosthodontics are the top-quality courses in Tianjin.
        In 1986 the school received authorization to offer Master’s degrees for students majoring in dental medicine. In 2003 it was authorized to offer first level discipline Master’s degree for dental medicine. Since 2011, it has right to confer first level discipline doctoral degree. Currently it has 5 PhD supervisors and 34 Master’s supervisors. 205 Master’s students have been graduated so far.
        The Dental Hospital of Tianjin Medical University has 12 clinical divisions, 6 medical technology divisions, with 50 beds and 110 clinical dental cart units. Every year the hospital receives 300,000 outpatient visits. The hospital offers abundant training resources for the dental students. Moreover, it is highly commended by the public for the high quality of its services.
        The school pays great attention to the scientific research all along. It has undertaken more than 20 research projects of national level or above the provincial and ministerial levels. So far it has received 20 science and technology awards above the provincial and ministerial levels. In recent years, about 600 academic theses and 20 monographs have been published nationally and internationally.
        The school attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation. It has established sister relationships with University of Michigan (USA), Houston Branch Dental School of University of Taxes (USA), Stony Brook Dental School of State University of New York (USA), Queensland University (Australia), Griffith University (Australia), University of British Colombia (Canada), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), Showa University (Japan), Tohok University (Japan), Hiroshima University (Japan), and Nihon University (Japan), which offers a good platform for academic exchange, research and joint PhD program.