Zhongna Sang , Ph.D,Associate Professor

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 Zhongna Sang Associate professor

Department of Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene




·        Medical degree, PhD in Epidemiology and Health Statistics

·        16years of experience in iodine nutrition and human health in both epidemiology and animal study

·        Currently working asAssociate Professor in Tianjin Medical University



·        Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China. B.S. in Medicine, July 2003.

·        Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China. M.S. in Nutriology, July 2006.

    Title of thesisThe study on the effect of the excessive iodine on thyroid function

·        Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China. Ph.D. in Epidemiology and Health Statistics, July 2012.

    Title of thesisStudy on the effects of excessive iodine intake on different people’s thyroid function and the iodine safe intake level


Associate Professor, Present Position (2013-present): Department of Nutriology and FoodScience, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China

Visiting Scholar: ETH, Zurich, Switzerland (2014-2015)

Previous Positions:

1.Instructor, (2008-2012)Department of Nutriology and Food Hygiene, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China.

2. Assistant, (2003-2008) Department of Nutriology and Food Hygiene, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China.


1. 2012 Outstanding Young Teachers in Higher Education Institutions, Tianjin

2. 2012 The 11th National Nutrition Academic Conference of Chinese Nutrition Society, excellent thesis first prize

3. 2012 “131”Talent of Tianjin City

4.2017 Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award, second prize, (Certificate No.: 2016-263), Study on the safe intake level of iodine for Chinese people, Second participant, Ministry of Education,China.

5.2017  Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Prize (Certificate No.: 2016JB-2-054-R4), “Basic Research and Application of Reference Consumption of Iodine Diet for Chinese Residents”, Fourth participant, 2017.

6.2017  Second Prize of the 6th China Nutrition Society Science and Technology Award, Basic Research and Application of Rational Iodine Nutrition, Second participant, Chinese Nutrition Society.

7.2017 Huaxia Medical Science and Technology Award Third Prize (Certificate No.: 201703056p0602); Research and Application of Iodine Safe Intake Levels of Different Populations, Second participant, China Healthcare International Exchange Promotion Association.



1. DRIs especial EAR for iodine for specific populations (pregnant women , lactation women and children)

2. Relationship between iodine intake and human health

3. The relationship between iodine intake and human health including thyroid function and bone metabolism.



1.Principle investigator of Danone Nutrition Research and Missionary Fund: Study on the average requirement (EAR) and recommended intake (RNI) of iodine in lactating women in China.(2016/11-2017/12).

2. Principle investigator of Chinese National Natural Science Fund: “Effects on human bone mass of excessive iodine and the initial discussion on excessive iodine action mechanism on bone metabolism”. (2013.01-2015.12.) 

3.Principle investigator of Danone Nutrition Research and Missionary Fund: “Effect of excessive iodine diet intake during pregnancy on growth, development, thyroid and heart function of fetus”. (2009.11-2011.06)

4.Principle investigator of Tianjin medical university Fund: “The experimental study of selenium on bone metabolism in autoimmune thyroiditis rats”. (2009.01-2010.12)

5.Participate inNational Nature and Science Fund: Effect of iodine intake during pregnancy on maternal and child health and iodine intake during different pregnancy periods”.(2014/01-2018/12).

6.Participate in Research Gran t Application to the Nestle Foundation: “Study on Effects of Excess Iodine and the Tolerable Upper Intake level of Iodine for Children”. (2013.07-2016.07)

7. Participate in National Nature and Science Fund: “The study of iodine excess induced hypothyroidism prevalence survey and pathogenesis”. (2010.01-2012.12)

8.Participate in National Nature and Science Fund: “The experimental study on the population's safe iodine intake dose”.(2009.01-2009.12)

9. Participate in Chinese Nutrition Society Fund: “Research of the Safe Upper Level of Iodine Intake in normal Chinese Adults”. (2004.01-2005.12)



(1) Zhongna Sang, Peizhong Peter Wang, Zhaixiao Yao, Jun Shen, Beth Halfyard, Long Tan, Na Zhao, Yuntang Wu, Shuo Gao, Jian Tan, Jiayu Liu, Zupei Chen, Wanai Zhang*. Exploration of the safe upper level of iodine intake in euthyroid Chinese adults: a randomized double-blind trial. Am J Clin Nutr, 2012, 95(2): 367-373.

(2) Zhongna Sang, Wei Wei, Na Zhao, GuiQin Zhang, Wen Chen, Hua Liu, Jun Shen , JiaYu Liu, YuQin Yan, and Wanqi Zhang*. Thyroid dysfunction during late gestation is associated with excessive iodine intake in pregnant women. J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 2012,97(8):1363-1369.

(3)Zhongna Sang,Wen Chen,Jun Shen,Long Tan,Na Zhao,Hua Liu,Songchen Wen,Wei Wei ,Guiqin Zhang,and Wanqi Zhang*Long-Term Exposure to Excessive Iodine from Water Is Associated with Thyroid Dysfunction in Children. The Journal of Nutrition,2013 143(12):2038-2043

(4)Lijun Duan, Wendi Liu, Peng Zhang, Shiyan Liu, Xiaotong Liu, MaochengSang, Lu Liu, Haiyue LinZhongna Sang*.Salt Intake of Lactating Women as Assessed by Modified Food Weighted Records.J Am Coll Nutr.2018,37(7):614-619.

(5)Liu W, Zhang P, Zhao X, Sang M, Liu X, Liu L, Liu S, Lin H, Sang Z*.Consistent Iodine Status Assessment in Chinese Adults by Different Spot Urinary Iodine Concentrations in a Day Together With Corresponding Correction Coefficients..J Am Coll Nutr.2019,DOI: 10.1080/ 07315 724.2019.1568324t.


·         Committee member of  Maternal and child nutriton committee of  Chinese Nutrition Society

·         Committee member of TianjinTrace Elements Society

·         Chief committee member of  Maternal and child nutriton committee of  TianjinTrace Elements Society

·          Committee member of Tianjin Nutrition Society

·         Committee member of Tianjin Food Society