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Clinical Biochemistry

Clinical Biochemistry Department was built in 1984. To date, there are 9 people together. Six are theory teachers. 3 are experimental technicians. Four received graduate degrees or above. Two are under forty.

At first, the clinical biochemistry teaching and research department took "strengthening the cultivation of students' ability and quality and reforming the teaching of clinical biochemistry experiment" as the subject of teaching reform by the Municipal Education Commission since 1997, and carried out bold reform on the teaching of clinical biochemistry experiment. Through 1 pre-stage students basic skills training; 2 to open a comprehensive trial; 3 to cooperate with the teaching hospital laboratory clinical biochemical room; 4 to open the laboratory, increase the comprehensive design of experiments and other procedures to complete the preliminary reform of experimental teaching. The results of the education reform won the Tianjin Education Commission "Ninth Five-Year" investment education reform single award. In 2001, the Office of Academic Affairs of the school organized on-site observation, by the school leaders and peer experts alike.

From 2002 to 2004, the overall teaching mode of "student-centered" was established, and the students' ability to establish correct experimental diagnostic thinking and apply knowledge was further developed through questioning, discussion and equal communication teaching methods, so as to promote students' autonomous learning, research-based learning and personality development.

From 2005 to 2007, the experimental teaching of clinical biochemistry was optimized as a whole, and the experimental teaching links of this course were reformed from a wider perspective, which laid a solid foundation for further deepening the teaching reform.

From 2007 to 2009, we built and improved the content of online teaching, built the syllabus, the teaching plan, the self-test system of online exercises, the teaching video, the network answering questions and the students'evaluation system of teachers in all directions, and applied for Tianjin municipal quality courses in 2009.

At present, there are 2 special laboratories in the clinical biochemistry teaching and research office. The laboratory management system is sound, the instrument special person keeps, the use, the maintenance record is complete, the equipment is intact, the utilization rate is high, according to the experiment teaching outline request, the basic biochemical, the clinical biochemical experiment opening rate is 100%.  Strict implementation of the experimental class pre-test system, the success rate of the experiment is 100%. the student experimental grouping rate was 2 persons/group. In the later stage of clinical biochemical experiment teaching, the open laboratory carried out the comprehensive experimental stage, and the grouping rate was 4 people / group.

1 Material detection section:          2 methodology exploration section:

3 pathological research section        4 interactive section

We have opened four elective courses for senior undergraduates, including molecular diagnostics, biochemistry, cellular information transmission and advances in medical testing. This adjustment of teaching structure and teaching content makes the reform of clinical biochemical teaching more deepen, more systematic and more comprehensive.

There are now two teachers who can undertake English teaching in professional English and foreign students. Other teachers also use bilingual teaching in clinical biochemistry and testing and other courses. They won the second prize of teaching achievement of Tianjin Medical University in 2008. Our course was named Tianjin Quality Course. at April in 2009.