The School of Medical Imaging of Tianjin Medical University was established in 1984. It is the earliest institution in China to carry out higher undergraduate education in Medical Imaging. After years of development, a multi-level education system, including Medical Imaging (five-year undergraduate program), Medical Imaging Technology (under Medical Technology, four-year undergraduate program), Imaging Medicine & Nuclear Medicine (post-graduate program), Medical Imaging Technology (under Medical Technology, post-graduate program), have been gradually formed. More than 100 doctoral students, 400 master students and 2,000 undergraduates have been trained and graduated from our school.

Faculty. There are 31 faculty staff in the school. Together with the teaching staff from the affiliated hospitals, there are 9 PhD supervisors and 35 master supervisors in Imaging Medicine & Nuclear Medicine and 5 PhD supervisors and 12 master supervisors in Medical Imaging Technology. Among them, four received Special Government Allowances from the State Council; one has won the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists; one was selected in the Education Ministry's New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan; three was selected as Tianjin Entitled Experts; one was selected in Tianjin Thousand Youth Talent Plan; and one has won the Distinguished Young Scientists of Tianjin Fund.

Achievements. The two teaching teams of Medical Imaging and Medical Imaging Technology are entitled the Tianjin Teaching Innovation Team. Medical Imaging is awarded National Featured Major. The course Diagnostics Medical Imaging is awarded the National High-Quality Course and the National High-Quality Resource-Sharing Course. The textbook Medical Imaging is awarded the National High-Quality Textbook. The recently established Medical Imaging Virtue&Simulation Laboratory has been entitled the Tianjin Virtue&Simulation Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and has won a National Virtue&Simulation Experimental Teaching Project. The achievements of the school has been awarded the Second Prize of National Teaching Achievement Award in 2018.