The School of Medical Imaging has two undergraduate majors – Medical Imaging (five-year program) and Medical Imaging Technology (four-year program). The students majored in Medical Imaging will learn knowledge in basic medicine, clinical medicine and medical imaging, have the ability to solve clinical problems using their professional knowledge and skills, and will be awarded Bachelor degree in Medicine and qualified for medical imaging or interventional radiology work in hospitals as well as research and educational institutes. The students majored in Medical Imaging Technology will learn basic knowledge of medicine, science and engineering relevant to medical imaging and become high-level interdisciplinary talents with the ability of R&D in advanced applications of medical imaging, and will be awarded Bachelor degree in Science and qualified for medical imaging examination in hospitals and R&D in relevant institutes and companies. The teaching of these two majors are supported by five departments (Medical Imaging Foundation, Medical Imaging Equipment, Medical Image Processing, Imaging Anatomy and Imaging Diagnosis) and three laboratory centers (the Medical Imaging Experimental Center, approved as Tianjin Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, the Medical Imaging Virtual Simulation Laboratory, approved as Tianjin Municipal Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center, and the Functional Imaging Laboratory, approved as Tianjin Key Laboratory).

The school also offers two postgraduate majors – Imaging Medicine & Nuclear Medicine (under the category of Clinical Medicine) and Medical

Imaging Technology (under the category of Medical Technology), and both majors offer Master degree and PhD degree.
With years of development, the School of Medical Imaging is one of the leading institutions in the education of doctors and technologists in Medical Imaging in China and awarded the second prize of National Teaching Achievement and the First Prize of Tianjin Teaching Achievement in 2018.