The Medical Imaging Experimental Teaching Center was established in 1984, being the first independent experimental teaching center of medical imaging specialty in China. The Center consists of a number of laboratories such as Virtual Simulation Laboratory, Toshiba Medical Image Teaching Center, PACS Laboratory, Image Processing Laboratory and Functional Imaging Laboratory. The Center is equipped with advanced medical image diagnosis equipment such as superconducting MRI, multi-slice spiral CT, digital gastrointestinal machine, CR, DR, colored ultrasonic diagnostic devices, magnetic resonance teaching devices, PACS for teaching, etc.

Based on these laboratories, the Center provides teaching for experiment courses for students of the School, including experiments of Medical Electronics, Electrical technology, Electronic Technology, Medical Imaging Principles, Medical Imaging Equipment, Medical Image Equipment Installation and Maintenance, MR Imaging technology, etc.

There are currently 4 full-time laboratory technicians in the Center. The Center is also supported by key disciplines of Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, key disciplines of Tianjin Municipal Health Bureau, key disciplines of 211 Project of Tianjin Medical University, doctoral program and postdoctoral training station in Imaging & Nuclear Medicine; it is also supported by National Excellent Courses, National Excellent Video Sharing Courses, National Characteristic Majors, National Distinguished Teachers and Excellent Teaching Team of Tianjin. The Center was rated as Tianjin Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in 2016, Tianjin Virtual Simulation Laboratory in 2017, and has one National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Project and one Tianjin Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Project in 2019.