The department of Medical Image Processing focuses on the teaching and research activities related to medical image processing, computer vision system, medical image computing modelling and the development of relevant software and hardware tools. The department is also in charge of the management of computing laboratories of the school including Image Analysis Laboratory, PACS Laboratory, Computer Interface & Single-chip Microcomputer Laboratory and Virtual Simulation Laboratory.

The Department provides courses on Medical Imaging Processing, Program Design in Medical Imaging, Matlab Program Design, Principle & Applications of Single-chip Microcomputer, Computer Interface Technology, PACS System, Imaging Signals Analysis Methodology, Imaging Equipment Operating System, etc.

There are 6 full-time faculty members in the Department, including 1 professor, 1 associate professor, 3 lecturers and 1 laboratory technician. In recent years, the department has undertaken more than 6 teaching and research projects funded by the university, Tianjin municipal government and national research foundations, edited 5 textbooks and published more than 30 academic papers. The teachers in the department have won 2 scientific research awards at provincial or ministerial level.