Xiaodong Kang, D.E

Xiaodong  Kang, D.E


Graduate  Tutor

Department of Medical Imaging

Tianjin Medical  University

1 guangdong  Road

Tianjin 30000780



D.E  Tianjin University, Tianjin, China


Professional Experience

Professor, Department of Medical Imaging, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China



1. The Prize of Science in 2003. Tianjin Province

2. The Prize of Technology Progress in 2011, Gansu Province.


Professional Service

Chinese computing institute,Members of professional  committee on collaborative computing

Chinese graphic graphics association medicine ,Imaging specialist ,board

Chinese medical association ,Medical education chapter,Member of information technology group

CSBE,commissay in medical imaging ,Executive member of the council

Tianjin anti-aging society,Healthy big data committee,Vice chairman of the committee


Open and Teach Courses

Medical image processing methodology, Tianjin Medical University

Medical image informatics, Tianjin Medical University



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Medical information system (Chinese), Editorial Board, 2011,The Beijing Tsinghua Unversity Press

Network multimedia technology and hospital information system integration (Chinese), Editorial Board, 2002,The Beijing People’s Military Medical Publishing House

The latest use of computers in medicine(Chinese), Editorial Board, 1999,The Beijing Electronic Industry Press



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