Guided by the overall goal of “building a high-level research-oriented medical university”, the School of Basic Medical Science (SBMS)possesses advanced knowledge and the capability to positively respond to changes and actively seek alterations, combining with the social needs of the new era and with years of teaching experience.SBMS has formulated “student-oriented, moral education first, focusing on ability training, promoting the coordinated development of knowledge, ability and quality of the students” as the guiding ideology for the work of education and teaching.SBMS always adheres to the principle of four returns , emphasizes“student-centered”, implements thetraining goals oftalents with “strong practical ability” and “strong innovative ability”, and strives to cultivate outstanding medical talents with excellent moral quality, high humanistic quality, solid basic theory, strong innovative ability, strong practical ability and global vision.

As the largest teaching unit of Tianjin Medical University, SBMS undertakes more than 50,000 teaching hours of basic courses for students withvarious majors and multiple levels in the University every year. In recent years, SBMS has got plenty of honors in the teaching field, including one National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, one National Excellent Course, three National Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Courses, four National Brand Courses of English Teaching for OverseasStudents in China, one National Teaching Team, one National Huang Danian Teaching Team, two Tianjin Municipal Teaching Teams, and six MasterTeachers in Tianjin.Meanwhile, SBMS has won many municipal teaching achievement awards.

In order to cultivate high-level professional talents engaged in scientific research and teaching work related to basic medical disciplines, SBMS has established the Basic Medicine major since 2014, which is named as Zhu Xianyi Class. Each year, Zhu Xianyi class enrolls 20 students for elite training. The main courses are bilinguallytaught in small classes by teachers with senior professional experiences. The class implements the 4+1+4 training modeand knock-out system. The qualified students will directly be recommend tobe postgraduates with exemption to enter the training for successive postgraduate and doctoral programs of study. With the implementation of 1 versus 1 tutorial system, the students and the tutors select each other by a bi-direction mode. Most of the tutors are overseas high-level talents and doctoral tutors. During the establishment of professional training programs for Basic Medicine-majored students, we strive to consolidate the foundations, closely link with the clinic and highlight the frontier progresses and the cross-integration of medicine, science and engineering. By establishing clinical thinking training courses and early-contact courses with scientific research, setting up innovative credits, encouraging the students to participate in scientific research projects and scientific research competitions, we help the students to expand their vision, foster their scientific research ideas and cultivate their scientific research innovation abilities. In 2016, the Basic Medicine major was approved as the dominant specialty in Tianjin during the 13th Five-Year Plan.

Currently all teachers and students in SBMS are making arduous efforts forpersisting in the spirit of school mottoSeeking Truth &Summum Bonum, centering on teaching work, deepening teaching reform, standardizing teaching management, strengthening connotation construction and achieving the goal of “cultivating top innovative talents and excellent doctors with souls”.

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