Department of Rehabilitation


The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Tianjin Medical University was founded in 2004, which was the first rehabilitation department majoring in Sports rehabilitation among Medical Universities in China. Now the department of rehabilitation medicine is committed to educate undergraduates and graduates majoring in rehabilitation therapy. The undergraduate enrollment scale is about 60 students per year from 29 provinces (include cities and districts). In 2010, our department was approved as the doctoral and master's degree authorization center of Rehabilitation medicine and physical therapy and Sports medicine, and enrolled doctoral and master's students in that year. In 2018, our department was approved as a master's and doctor's degree authorization center in rehabilitation therapy. In September 2016, relying on the resource advantages of the University and affiliated hospitals, merged with the rehabilitation department of the first affiliated hospital of Tianjin Medical University to form the school-hospital jointed department.

Direction of education:

Rehabilitation therapy is a major of Medical technology, training physical therapists (PT), occupational therapists (OT), speech therapists (ST) and other professional technical personnel. Services are provided to patients with functional disabilities caused by injuries, acute and chronic diseases, aging and congenital developmental disabilities, the patients could back to normal or nearly normal functions or delay functional degradation through comprehensive rehabilitation treatments, so that they can participate in social life normally and their quality of life is enhanced.


Currently, this major is dedicated to:

1. Exercise rehabilitation therapy and mechanism of metabolic diseases and age related diseases;

2. The exercise rehabilitation therapy of Cardiovascular diseases;

3. Rehabilitation of critical diseases;

Other clinical related diseases rehabilitation related scientific researches.

Clinical training:

In April 2019, Tianjin Medical University School of medical technology was founded. It has formulated the training program of medical technology and rehabilitation professionals, and optimized the curriculum setting. To discuss and revise the training program of medical technology rehabilitation therapy specialty, condense and highlight the characteristics of our school.

We carried out research on the reform of autonomous teaching model, and completed the accreditation of autonomous learning in rehabilitation assessment and musculoskeletal clinical rehabilitation therapy. In 2016, it successfully applied for Tianjin experimental demonstration teaching center.

The reform of clinical practice teaching and the construction of practice base were strengthened, and the clinical teaching centers were built together with Huanhu hospital, Tianjin hospital, Tianjin occupational hospital and general hospital, so as to carry out early clinical and graduating class practice work. In the rehabilitation medicine discipline of general hospital of Tianjin medical university, we have built a community of colleges and departments, which provides a good platform for the reform of practice teaching and the construction of practice base, strengthens the construction of teaching laboratory of our department, improves teaching conditions and meets the needs of teaching. In combination with the central and local joint construction project, improve the rehabilitation teaching laboratory construction. Professional teachers are selected to visit Zhongshan University in Guangzhou for academic exchange on personnel training and clinical teaching.

Social Service:

The department of rehabilitation medicine has the best clinical rehabilitation practice center in Tianjin. In 2011, the department was honored as a academic educational model major of Tianjin by the Municipal Education Commission. In 2013, the department was granted by the special fund for the development of local colleges and Universities by the Central governmental Financial, and the rehabilitation treatment experimental center was rated as the construction unit of Tianjin experimental demonstration center. As a popular science base of health and rehabilitation medicine in Tianjin, the department provides a platform of quality service and technical guidance for public rehabilitation and health, and has achieved good social response.

External exchange:

The department attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation, and has established exchange and cooperation relations with Tohoku University in Japan, the University of Melbourne in Australia and other domestic and foreign Universities and rehabilitation medical and research institutions.