Introduction of School of Medical Technology,

Tianjin Medical University

Medical technology is the core driving force of Medical development, is a tool to explore the unknown world of human beings in the field of life and medicine, and provides a guarantee for the innovation and development of clinical medicine and pharmacy. Medical technology is also an important bridge discipline. It is not only a bridge between basic science and clinical medicine, a bridge between engineering and medicine, but also a bridge between universities and medical enterprises. With the progress of science and technology, a large number of new technologies have been integrated into medical disciplines, making medical technology an independent first-class discipline under the Medical catalog.

In 2018, Tianjin Medical University became one of the five Medical Universities with Medical technology doctoral programs in China, providing a high-level platform for Medical technology undergraduates to continue learning after graduation. With the further promotion of the “health China 2030 strategy” and the two centenary goals, higher requirements have been put forward for the level of medical and health professionals. The medical technology specialty just complies with this requirement, and cultivates high-level compound technical talents with more discipline and professional knowledge, adapting to the rapid development of medicine and highly cross integration. The medical technology specialty of our University will make full use of the existing high-quality teaching and scientific research resources, integrate the new development of Medical technology, serve the overall needs of the development of national medical and health strategy.

The undergraduate program of Medical Technology in Tianjin Medical University was set up earlier. The four disciplines of Medical imaging technology, Medical testing technology, Ophthalmic optics and Rehabilitation therapy have always been in the forefront of the undergraduate education among the same major in China, forming a teaching system of medical technology education, with a high-level medical technology teaching team with good ethics and innovation spirit, and stable. It has a leading scientific research direction and achievements in the world and enjoys a high reputation in related fields in China. The training of the above four majors in our school will be conducted in the first year, regardless of the major direction, according to the first level discipline of medical technology. After the second year, the training will be conducted in four majors: medical imaging technology, medical testing technology, ophthalmic optics and rehabilitation therapy.

Medical imaging technology

Medical imaging technology


The major of Medical imaging technology is a branch of the major of Medical imaging gradually developed during the rapid development of Medical imaging. This major cultivates and grasps the basic principles and operation of modern medical imaging equipment, the acquisition, analysis and processing technology of medical image signals, and engages in the research of modern medical imaging technology and the utilization, development, processing and analysis of equipment functions Medical imaging technology professionals who study image.


Advantages and features: since the early establishment of the major in 2005, the college has given full play to the advantages of our major, subject talents, medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. Through various ways, the college has cultivated students' innovative consciousness, innovative thinking and innovative ability, laying a foundation for the cultivation of R & D - oriented senior imaging technology talents. The medical imaging technology specialty is a provincial and ministerial application-oriented specialty. The school running is in the forefront of the same field in China.


Training objectives: this major aims to cultivate compound high-end talents who can meet the needs of the development of medical imaging technology in China in the new era, master the basic knowledge of medicine, science and engineering, and have the ability of medical imaging technology research and development and application. They can not only engage in medical imaging inspection in medical institutions, but also engage in medical imaging technology research and development in scientific research institutions.

Medical laboratory technology

Medical Laboratory Technology


Medical laboratory technology is an interdisciplinary application-oriented specialty. It uses modern physical and chemical methods, laboratory technology, high-tech precision instruments and equipment to carry out medical testing, providing judgment basis for clinical diagnosis, and treatment testing and prognosis evaluation of diseases. Through systematic learning, students can have basic theoretical knowledge and basic technical ability in basic medicine, clinical medicine and medical testing technology, and can provide timely and accurate test results for clinical practice. With the rapid development of modern medical theory and the innovation of testing technology methodology, medical testing technology not only provides sufficient testing items and reliable data for clinical practice, but also carries out academic exchange and information communication in combination with clinical practice, and participates in scientific research in medical related fields, which plays an important role and position in modern medicine.


Advantages and features: closely around the training goal of compound high-end testing technology talents, a curriculum system is established to improve students' practical ability and innovation ability, so that students can master solid and proficient use skills of modern medical testing instruments and necessary biochemistry and molecular biology technologies. At the same time, it initially has the ability of innovative thinking to excavate new detection items of auxiliary disease diagnosis and new technologies and methods of accurate detection.


Training objective: to cultivate compound high-end talents who can meet the needs of the development of China's Medical Laboratory Technology in the new era, master the basic knowledge of basic Medicine, clinical Medicine, Medical laboratory technology and other disciplines, and have the ability of research and development and application of Medical laboratory technology. They can not only engage in Medical laboratory work in medical institutions, but also engage in research and development of Medical laboratory technology.

Ophthalmic optics



Ophthalmic optics is a new interdisciplinary subject, which combines modern optical technology with ophthalmology, and uses modern optical theory and technology to solve visual obstacles. With the goal of training optometrists with certain knowledge of medicine and Ophthalmology, they can be competent for medical optometry, visual function examination, visual training and research and development of optometry technology.


Advantages and features: with nearly 30 years of rich school running experience and strong medical and ophthalmic background, learn from the international advanced school running mode of ophthalmic optics, and build an international training platform and scientific research innovation platform for students. Graduates have strong scientific research ability and innovative spirit, and can develop, improve and flexibly use all kinds of ophthalmic optics and ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment equipment and technology.


Training objective: to cultivate compound high-end talents who can meet the needs of the development of ophthalmic optics in China in the new era, master the basic knowledge of medicine, science and other disciplines, and have the ability of research and development and application of ophthalmic optics technology. They can not only engage in ophthalmic optics inspection in medical institutions, but also research and development of ophthalmic optics technology in scientific research institutions.

Rehabilitation therapy

Rehabilitation therapeutics


The major of rehabilitation therapy belongs to the category of medical technology, which integrates prevention, treatment and improvement of dysfunction caused by diseases and injuries. Rehabilitation therapeutics is an applied Medical technology subject developed by combining modern Medical science and technology with Medicine. Its service object is those who suffer from impairment, acute and chronic diseases, aging and congenital developmental disorders. After comprehensive rehabilitation treatment, they can recover normal or close to normal functions or delay functional degradation, so that they can participate in social life and improve quality of life. After decades of development, rehabilitation therapeutics not only focuses on functional recovery and reconstruction, but also begins to pay attention to the prevention of pathological changes that cause functional changes, so that they can be reversed or terminated.


Training objective: to cultivate those who meet the needs of the socialist modernization construction with Chinese characteristics and the development of medical technology in the new era, who have a solid theoretical foundation of basic medicine and clinical medicine, who have a systematic grasp of the basic theoretical knowledge and basic skills of modern rehabilitation therapy, have strong practical ability and innovative spirit, and are able to work in various medical and health institutions High quality professionals engaged in rehabilitation treatment.