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About the school

In December 2019, the School of Medical English and Health Communication (Department of Foreign Language Teaching) and the School of Medical Humanities were merged to form the School of Medical Humanities of Tianjin Medical University.

The school consists of three departments and research centers, namely, Department of Medical English Studies (Research Center for Language and Culture), Department of Medical Law Studies /(Health and Well-being Legal Research Center), and Department of Medical Ethics and Culture Studies (Medical Ethics Research Center). At the same time, the affiliated “TMU Cultural Heritage Research Center” and “TMU Aesthetic Education Center” are set up in the school.

The school currently has a faculty of 66, including 5 professors, 19 associate professors, 33 lectures,8 administrators and 1 teaching assistant. With multi-disciplinary education backgrounds in Literature,Law, Medicine, History, Sociology, Fine Arts, Music, etc., the teachers formed well-structured teaching team and have strong potential to meet the needs of discipline development.