Degree Programs & Courses

Core Curriculum Modules:


English Major Foundation Courses:


Basic English, Extensive Reading, Oral English, English Speaking and Listening, Phonetics, Basic English Writing, etc.


English Major Courses:


Advanced English, Advanced English writing, Interpreting, The Theory and Practice of Translation, General Introduction of English-speaking Countries, British Literature, American Literature, Introduction to Linguistics, Introduction to Basic Medicine, Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Medical English Terminology, Medical English Literature Reading, Medical English Listening and Speaking, Medical English Translation, Medical English Literature Retrieval and Utilization etc.


Unique Curriculum:


ICBI CoursesIntroduction to Chinese Culture and Medical English Terminology.  Teaching is a combination of course content and language skills. It is not only based on the course itself but focuses on the style


II. Bilingual Teaching CoursesIntroduction to Basic MedicineIntroduction to Clinical Medicine and Introduction to Chinese Medicine.  In the above courses, students learn both medical and linguistic knowledge, which thoroughly prepares them for foreign medical care related jobs in the future.


III. Autonomous Learning Courses: Extensive Reading and English Listening and Speaking. During class, the teacher trains students for learning approaches as well as strategies and are evaluated for their learning outcomes. After class, students learn autonomously to improve linguistic skills following the teachers' guided plan.


IV. Research Targeted Course: Medical English Translation. With teachers' guidance students,  research medical English. The objective of this course is to improve students' critical thinking and research ability.


V. Practice Targeted Course: Advanced English Writing, Interpreting, and Public Speaking and Eloquence. Aimed at improving linguistic skills. Workshop-style classroom teaching is adopted to train students' language applications.