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About us

The Introduction of School of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy of Tianjin Medical University origins from Tianjin Public Pharmacy School which was founded in 1949.And then it was renamed respectively  as Tianjin Pharmacy School, Pharmacy of Tianjin Health School,Pharmacy Department of Tianjin Medical College and Pharmacy Department of Tianjin Second College in different period of time.In 1994,Tianjin Medical College and The Second Medical College combined,Tianjin Medical University was founded.In November,1996,it changed its name to School of Pharmacy of Tianjin Medical University,which was known as the earliest founded,modern and higher pharmaceutical department in Tianjin.

In combination with the strategic goals of building an innovative country, the college adheres to the central status of teaching,adopts the policy of Serving the student, strengthening the foundation,highlighting practice,focusing on quality and facing innovationto bring up under-graduates and guided by the ideas ofbroadening the foundation, aiming at the frontier, building the team,innovating actively by self” to educate post-graduates.Based on the excellent education,the college strives to cultivate pharmacy talents with leading and innovation potential in the fields of national and local economic,scientific and social development.A combination of production, learning and research in education has gradually formed here.The college has three undergraduate majors as pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparations and clinical pharmacy,with an annual enrollment of 160 students.The pharmacy profession belongs to the first kind of special professions construction points appointed by the Ministry of Education,the pharmaceutical preparation specialty is the brand of Tianjin General Higher Education.As the first batch of institutions that have been approved by the Ministry of Education to open five-year clinical pharmacy major at the end of 2012, our school's clinical pharmacy major is Tianjin's strategic emerging industry related specialty.The college has a Tianjin Teaching Demonstration Experimental Center and a national training demonstration base to cultivate professional degree post-graduates majored in pharmacy. Up to now, more than 3,200 under-graduates of pharmacy and pharmaceutical preparations, 30 first graduates of clinical pharmacy, more than 5,300 under-graduate students, more than 510 postgraduates, and 47 doctoral graduates have been trained.

In recent years, the college has achieved new achievements in subject construction, personnel training and the transfer of scientific research achievements. It has formed an excellent faculty team built up by the Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education, the National Excellent Teachers, the New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education,the Tianjin Distinguished Professors and the Tianjin Thousand Talents Program.In 2017, our pharmacy subject was selected as the first-class subject in Tianjin.There are 2 Tianjin teaching teams and 2 Tianjin teaching teachers now. There are 102 faculty members, 75 full-time teachers, 25 professors, 25 associate professors, 11 doctoral tutors, 29 master tutors, and 7% of full-time teachers have a doctoral degree.During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan and Thirteenth Five-Year Planperiod,121 scientific research projects at various levels were obtained, including 2 major national key projects,36 national natural science funds,54 provincial and ministerial level courses, and total research funding of 32.907 million yuan. In recent five years,363 papers were published in SCI, and 191 articles in the first and second districts of JCR. We won 1 Tianjin International Science and Technology Cooperation Award and 25 Invention patent authorization,including 2 foreign invention patents.

During the Thirteenth Five-Year Planperiod, our subject have achieved remarkable results in innovative drug discovery and innovative drug delivery systems in the treatment of major diseases,drug design and synthesis and research on new drug targets.Pharmacy is the first-level doctoral degree authorization site and the pharmacy master's degree degree authorization site. Pharmacology and toxicology, materials science entered ESI 1% of the world.

Facing the future, our school will undertake the school motto of seeking truth and being good, insisting on the establishment of talents and disciplines, and cultivating high-level and unique pharmacy professionals for the country.