General Introduction

Department of Chemical Biology

The Department of chemical biology mainly teach courses, such as “Inorganic chemistry”, “Inorganic chemistry experiment”, “Physical chemistry” and “Physical chemistry experiment’ for undergraduate majoring in pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparations and clinical pharmacy. We offer the public elective courses Pharmaceutical coordination chemistry, Frontier lecture of biomedicine, Introduction to chemical biology and Metal elements in the field of medicine for the undergraduateseminar course Chemistry in life for the freshman, inorganic biochemistry and inorganic pharmaceutical chemistry and frontier of separation technology for the graduate. We afford graduate students, seven-year and five-year undergraduates and pharmacy majors in clinical medical colleges with a total of 11 courses. Among them, “Inorganic chemistry” was recognized as a first-class course at the school level; “Physical chemistry” and “Physical chemistry experiment” were recognized as excellent courses in the College of pharmacy. In 2017, our teaching group was recognized as Tianjin outstanding teaching team.

The department has a highly qualified teaching and research team, including 6 professors, 2 associate professors and 2 lecturers. All teachers obtain doctoral degrees and 7 teachers serve as doctoral/master supervisors. The teachers were awarded with the following honorable titles: one distinguished professor in Tianjin, one academic leading talent in colleges and universities in Tianjin, one famous teaching teacher in Tianjin, one distinguished professor and young scholar in Tianjin, one young scientific and technological outstanding talent in Tianjin innovative talent promotion plan, one outstanding talent plan of Tianjin Medical University, one 131 innovative talent (the third level) in Tianjin, and one young and middle-aged backbone innovative talent in Tianjin, one candidate for training outstanding young teachers in colleges and universities in Tianjin, three talents in the Eleventh Five Year Plan of Tianjin Medical University for the new century, and two young academic backbone teachers in Tianjin Medical University. In addition, many teachers have won the honorable title of excellent teachers at the school level of Tianjin Medical University.

In recent years, teachers have presided over or participated in 9 teaching reform topicscurriculum construction projects and editing 2 textbooks as editors, 3 textbooks as deputy editorsand compilation of 16 textbooks, including 10 national planning undergraduate textbooks. The elective course textbook of “medical coordination chemistry” as the chief editor won the third prize of excellent textbook of Tianjin Medical University. The multimedia courseware basic operation of titration analysis glass gauge won the second prize of class II of Tianjin Education Commission. Many teaching and research papers were published. Our faculty has presided over and completed 10 general fund projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 youth fund projects, 1 scientific research fund for returned overseas scientist of the ministry of education, 3 key projects of Tianjin Natural Science Foundation, 7 general projects, 6 funds of Tianjin Education Commission and 13 funds of Tianjin Medical University. The total scientific research funds were over 6 million yuan. More than 180 scientific research papers have been published in the national or international journals, including more than 160 SCI papers. Three projects won the third prize of Tianjin Natural Science in 2007, 2008 and 2019 respectively. Two teachers were selected as the excellent teacher development plan of Tianjin Medical University. One teacher won the excellent teaching award of Tianjin Medical University, one teacher won the first prize of Tianjin young teacher basic skill competition, and two teachers won the excellent teaching basic skill competition award of Tianjin Medical University. Our undergraduate, master and doctoral students were awarded more than 30 scientific research and competition awards at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, including three second prizes and one third prize in the group competition of Tianjin University chemistry competition, three national projects and four municipal projects of the undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training plan.

The main research directions: platinum-based antitumor drugs, new technologies for chiral drug separation, accurate evaluation of redox state, small molecule drugs based on redox state, nucleic acid chemistry, small molecule fluorescent probes for biological application etc.