General Introduction

Department of Medicinal chemistry is located in the College of Pharmacy and has highly qualified teaching and research staffs. The Department consists of eleven faculty members, including three Professors, five Associate Professors and three lecturers. Eight faculty members have Ph.D. degrees. Some eminent faculty members are bestowed with honorable titles such as “Tianjin Distinguished Professor”, “Tianjin Excellent Teacher” and “131 Innovative Talent of Tianjin”.

The Department has the responsibility to teach medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry and related laboratory courses for undergraduate and graduate students. The courses offered by the Department include Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry Experiment II and Drug Design. Several textbooks edited by the Department were published. Some teaching projects were funded by the Society of Medical Education of Chinese Medical Association.

The Department has diverse research projects which cover the fields of medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, and bioanalytical chemistry. The research interests in the Department are mainly as follows: 1) design and synthesis of novel anti-diabetic drugs targeting PTP1B and PPARs; 2) design and synthesis of novel anti-tumor drugs targeting MMPs; 3) computer-aided drug design and synthesis of novel antivirus drugs; 4) development of methodologies for enantioselective synthesis of chiral drugs; 5) Precise detection of biological redox species and redox-directed drug development; 6) development of stable (bi)radicals for magnetic resonance-related techniques. The Department has built up medicinal chemistry-related research platforms and achieved critical research accomplishments. The research projects in the Department were funded by national and provincial research grants, including National Key R&D Program of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China and Tianjin Natural Science Foundation. More than fifty papers have been published in the high-level peer-reviewed international journals and about ten patents have been approved in the past five years.