Ying Zhang Lecturer

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 Ying  Zhang Lecturer

Department of Social Medicine and Health Service Management



Zhang Ying, Master, Lecturer. My research interests are “Medical Education and Management”. Selected into the second phase of Excellent Teacher Development Support Plan of Tianjin Medical University. I have been awarded the most popular teacher of Tianjin Medical University and outstanding class tutor of Tianjin Medical University. In recent years, I has hosted and participated in more than 5 education and teaching projects and published more than 12 papers on education and teaching reform. I have been engaged in the research of curriculum reform, and have achieved good results. I won the Third Prize in the undergraduate group of the First Human Health MOOC Online Open Course Construction Competition and the Excellence Award in the secretary professional skills competition.

Research direction

medical education and management



1.1998.9~2003.6, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, clinical medicine, Bachelor

2.2003.9~2006.6, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, social medicine and public health management, Master


Professional Experience

2006.7~, Tianjin Medical University, School of Public Health, Teacher



1.2013.12~2015.12, first participant, comprehensive reform and practice research on strengthening connotation construction of health service management specialty, Tianjin Municipal Commission of Education

2.2018.1~2018.12, host, development and research of online course “Secretary Science of Management”, the Ministry of Education second batch of industry and education cooperation collaborative education project

3.2018.5~2020.5, host, the demonstration study on the integration of online and offline classroom teaching — taking the management of secretarial courses as an example, major construction project of Tianjin normal colleges and universities

4.2018.7~2018.12, host, “Curriculum ideological and political” project — medical education management, Tianjin Medical University

5.2019.1~2019.12, host, research on the teaching process of “Secretary Science of Management” based on Learning General Assistance Management, Education and Teaching Research Project of Tianjin Medical University


1.Zhang Ying. Culture and Human Nature[J]. Research on Quality Education in China. 2013, (147): 69-70.

2.Zhang Ying. Who is Embarrassed by the Unreasonable Curriculum System in Colleges and Universities?[J]. Research on Quality Education in China. 2013, (152): 49-50.

3.Zhang Ying, Wang Qiaolin. A Study on the Distribution of Influential Pharmaceutical Enterprises in the World[J]. Chinese and Foreign Corporate Culture, 2014, (3): 14-15.

4.Zhang Ying, Zhang Yao. A Study on the Distribution of Influential Medical Schools in the World[J]. Contemporary Education Exploration, 2014, (3): 89-90.

5.Zhang Ying, Zhang Yao. On the Fever of Civil Servants[J]. Quality Education, 2014, (5): 54.

6.Zhang Ying. The Investigation and Analysis of the Current Situation of Self-regulated Learning of First and Third University Students Majoring in Health Service Management[J]. China Extracurricular Education, 2015, 12: 22.



1.2013.7, the most popular teacher among students in Tianjin Medical University

2.2016.6, the most popular teacher among students in Tianjin Medical University

3.2016.12, Excellent Class Tutor of Tianjin Medical University

4.2018.10, College Secretary Professional Skills Competition in 2018, Excellent Instructor Award

5.2018.10, The First Open Course Construction Competition of People's Health MOOCS Education, Third Prize of Undergraduate Group

6.2018.12, the self-learning teaching mode in “Secretary Science of Management” is recognized as “Excellent” at school level

7.2019.4, Selected into the Second Phase of Excellent Teacher Development Support Plan of Tianjin Medical University