The subject of Nutrition and Food Science was originally established in 1978. The first director was Professor Wenzhen Pang, a well-known nutrition expert. In 2012, the department of Nutrition and Food Science was founded. The discipline has gradually grew and expanded for 40 years. The subject of Nutrition and Food Science is the key construction discipline of the “211 Project” and the key discipline of Tianjin. It is also the “Eleventh Five-Year” and “Twelfth Five-Year” comprehensive investment and construction disciplines in Tianjin, “13th Five-Year Plan” integrated investment advantage discipline (as an important branch of public health and preventive medicine), and the first batch of master's degree authorization points, the doctoral degree authorization points and postdoctoral mobile stations. The subject was appraised as Tianjin Quality Course.


At present, the department has an excellent teaching and research faculty, including 6 professors, 7 associate professors, 4 Ph.D.’s supervisors and 6 master’s supervisors. Professor Huang Guowei, the current leader of the discipline, is a special allowance expert of the State Council, a famous teacher in Tianjin, a principal director of the National Preventive Medicine Teaching Team, a member of the Public Health and Preventive Medicine Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, and a doctoral supervisor. Two teachers were rated as the municipal excellent teachers, one teacher as an outstanding expert in Tianjin, one teacher as an expert with outstanding contributions to Tianjin, two teachers as “senior young and middle-aged innovative talents” in Tianjin universities. Three teachers were selected as the second level of Tianjin “131” innovative talent training project. In addition, many teachers were awarded excellent teachers of Tianjin Medical University and won the basic teaching skills of young teachers in Tianjin's colleges and universities.


The faculty mainly undertakes teaching tasks in different majors such as preventive medicine, clinical medicine, and nursing. The teaching objects include doctoral degree, master degree, five-year undergraduate, international undergraduate and graduate students. In the past three years, teachers have presided over 9 teaching reform projects, with a total research fund of about 150,000 yuan. In the past five years, the faculty has published 3 textbooks as chief editor, 5 textbooks as associate chief editor, and so on. Professor Huang Guowei's Construction and Application of Practical Teaching System of Preventive Medicine to Adapt to the New Situation won the second prize of National Teaching Achievement and the first prize of Tianjin Teaching Achievement.


In the past five years, the faculty undertook 20 National Natural Science Foundations as the principle investigator, including 3 key projects, 9 surface projects and 8 youth projects. Additionally, researchers undertook other projects, such as the National Science and Technology Support Program project, Tianjin science and technology support key projects, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation and the Doctoral Fund. There were totally about more than 23 million research funding. More than 170 SCI papers was published. 7 scientific research awards were won, including the second-class award of the Ministry of Education for outstanding scientific research achievements of higher education institutions, the second-class and third-class awards for scientific and technological progress in Tianjin, and the second prize of outstanding scientific research achievements of the Chinese Nutrition Society. In addition, 6 copyrights and patents were obtained.


Teaching staff