Central Laboratory of Preventive Medicine in Tianjin Medical University was founded in 1998,and was named as Standard Laboratory of colleges and universities in Tianjin in 2001, and was approved as Construction Unit of the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in 2009, and was approved as Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of colleges and universities in Tianjin in 2012. The Center was managed by Tianjin Medical University and School of Public Health.

The Center is located in the School of Public Health. It has become a sharing platform for experimental classes of undergraduates majoring in Preventive Medicine, and for researches of masters and PhD. The center also undertakes Preventive Medical experiments teaching task of five-year-program and seven-year-program students majoring in Clinical Medicine, Medical Imaging, Nursing, Rehabilitation Medicine, Dentistry, Medical Laboratory, Health Administration, Clinical Medicine for overseas students, which involving nine professional and four levels of the undergraduate, master's, PhD, adult education students.

The Center is composed of four parts, professional basic laboratories (including health physical and chemical laboratory, health biological laboratory and medical statistics processing laboratory), specialized laboratories (environment and health laboratory, disease surveillance and control laboratory, food and nutrition laboratory and growth and development laboratories), teaching and research sharing platform (molecular biology laboratory, cell culture chamber, spectrometer chamber, GC Room, et al), practice teaching platform. The Center has 2000 square meter, and its equipments fixed assets has reached 22 million yuan. There are more than 30 precious instruments which the main technical performance indicators are at the advanced level among similar laboratories, such as HPLC, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Two-dimensional Electrophoresis System, Automated Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer, et al.

Based on the principle of “overall optimization, integration of disciplines, resource sharing, planning and allocation”, the center plays an important role in teaching, research and social services, and becomes a platform for public teaching, research practice and multidisciplinary sharing. The Teaching Team of National Preventive Medicine, a National Excellent Course, 3 Tianjin Municipal Excellent Courses, a Brand of Professional in Tianjin, a Strategic Emerging Professional in Tianjin and a Ministry of Education Quality Video open class have been supported by the Center. The Center has been bearing the task of research and teaching of the Public Health and Preventive Medicine Doctoral-level Disciplines Authorized, the first level Master's degree in public administration, the first level post-doctoral research stations for the public health and preventive medicine. The program of Construction of the Education Base and Reform of Preventive Medicine Teaching for Non-preventive medicine students was awarded the Second Prize of National Higher Education-level teaching Achievement. Nearly three years, the Center have been approved 10 provincial and ministerial education reform projects, published 20 teaching research papers, obtained an outstanding undergraduate graduation thesis in Tianjin. In College Challenge Cup extracurricular scientific activities, 8 provincial awards and 2 national awards have been won. Nearly five years, the Center has obtained 28 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one in which is the key project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and a number of other national and provincial research projects.

Teaching staff


Zhongze  Fang,


Deputy Director

Huan Liu,

Associated   Professor

Pei Xu,


Teaching support staff

Lina Wu,

Senior   Experimentalist

Fanxiao Jiang,

Senior   Experimentalist

Congchao Lv,


Ruibin Zhang,


Suhui Luo,


Yuanyuan Su,


Ruixia Hu,


Muyu Gu,