The Department of Social Medicine and Health Service Management, whose predecessor is the Department of  Social Medicine established in 1984 (Director: Shilie Zhang). In 2002, Department of Social Medicine combined with the Preventive Medicine Department (Director: Lei Zhu), the Health Economics Department (Director: Wanbin Tang) and the Health Management Department (Director: Sen Zhou) into a teaching and research department, which was renamed the Social Medicine and Health Service Management Department in 2012. It ismainly responsible fortheNonprofit Management(Health Service Management direction) undergraduateteaching. The specialtyis Public Administration -Social Medicineand Health Service Managementmaster's degreeauthorization centers.

The department director is Professor Jingchao Zhang. There are nine professional teachers, one teacher in the experimental series. Major disciplines are Foundation of Management, Health Service Management, Human Resource Management, Health Economics, Social Medicine, Hospital Management, Medical Security, Science of Health Law, Health Education and Promotion as well as undergraduate practice teaching work.Teaching audience covers different professions and different levels, i.e., undergraduate students and postgraduate students. All staff involved in teaching reform and curriculum development.

Members of the teaching and research department have achieved scientific and teaching research results. They presided over a number of national and provincial and ministerial scientific research and teaching projects. These include the National Health and Family Planning Commission Project, the Ministry of Education Second Batch of Industry and Education Cooperation Collaborative Education ProjectTianjin Municipal Commission of Education, Tianjin Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning Project (key project and general project), Tianjin Science and Technology Commission Project, Tianjin Education Commission, Tianjin General Colleges and Universities Professional Construction Project, etc. As a major participant, the “Reform and Base Construction of Preventive Medicine Teaching Contents for Non-preventive Medicine Majors” from the State Educational Commission Program had been awarded the first prize of Tianjin Education Achievement and the second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award in 1993 and 2001. In recent years, 19 SCI papers and 43 core journal papers have been published. In recent years, the faculties wrote many textbooks as chief editor and associate editor, such as “Health Education”, “Health Education and Health Promotion”, “Health Management”, “Step-by-step Examples of Data Analysis and Statistical Graphs in Clinical Researches” and so on. Among them, Health Education was the National Twelfth and Thirteenth Five-year Planning Textbook. Obtain one patent and one copyright of computer software.

Honors for Teachers include

Excellent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tutor of Tianjin; 

Excellent Instructor (City level) of 14# Challenge Cup Extracurricular Science and Technology Competition for College Students; 

College Secretary Professional Skills Competition in 2018, Excellent Instructor Award; 

The First Open Course Construction Competition of People's Health MOOCS Education, Third Prize of Undergraduate Group; 

The Most Popular Teacher of Students of Tianjin Medical University; 

First Prize of Basic Skills Competition for Young Teachers in Public Health College.

Teaching staff